Fans of the Duggar family, and their television show, "Counting On" have been speculating that something is seriously wrong with Jill Duggar Dillard after the birth of her son, Samuel Scott. Jill gave birth to Samuel after an excruciating 40 hours of labor, which is actually a day shorter than her labor with her eldest son, Israel. In both instances, Jill had to have a C-section, something that the Duggar family does not encourage, as the family is incredibly interested in giving birth at home and hoping for a natural birth for all of their children.

Speculation due to Instagram

Much of the speculation that something is seriously wrong with either Jill Duggar or Samuel comes from the fact that she hasn't been very active on social media since his birth. The Duggar Family is notoriously always sharing photos and moments from their family on Twitter and Instagram, and she was incredibly active on social media, even after her long labor with Israel. From the moment Israel was born, Jill posted several pictures of the happy family as she recovered from the surgery. However, this time, the photos of the family have been few and far between. She has shared two photos of her child, in addition to several cryptic Bible verses that suggest that there is something going on in her life that makes her need to put her trust in Jesus.

The reality TV star and her husband recently posted a picture of them in the car eating pizza, thanking a friend for giving them the pizza gift card so that they could enjoy a date night together. Fans were skeptical that the picture was recent, and many slammed the pair for allowing Jill to go out in a car so recently after having a C-section.

New family photos and Bible verses

Jill Duggar continues to fuel the fires of rumors by posting cryptic Bible verses that suggest that there is something in her life that she needs to lean on God to get through. The most recent verse, Isaiah 43:2, discusses God protecting those who worship Him as they travel through the water and fire.

The reality star has posted two new family photos which include her latest addition, Samuel. In one photo, the entire family poses happily for the camera, and it appears that all is well with the family. Another photo is a close-up of Samuel as he sits in his dad's arms, with his face over his father's shoulder. Many are stating that he looks incredibly like his aunt Jessa, and Jessa commented that Israel was at first confused between the new baby and her son, Henry.