Quantico” fans can rejoice. While season 2 wrapped last night, there is good news about the fate of the show. ABC has finally made a decision, and the show will return for another season -- with a few caveats. One of the biggest is that the season will be shorter. Instead of the full 22-episode order, the show will only get 13 episodes. This could be a way to wrap up a couple of storylines, even though season 2 really doesn’t need that. It could also be so that ABC gets to keep the show without losing too much money. The other catch is the loss of the showrunner.

‘Quantico’ season 2 finale would have made a good series finale

With the fate of the show up in the air until just before the season finale aired, it’s not surprising that the “Quantico” season 2 finale would have made a very good series finale. It’s not the only show on ABC this year that created an excellent series/season finale option just in case. The Collaborators' plan was foiled and Alex was able to get out of harm’s way.

That’s all I’ll say without spoiling the whole episode for those waiting to catch the finale. However, if the show was cancelled, fans wouldn’t have been left with any burning questions. The season finale makes it clear that the decision to renew the program was ABC wanting to keep the show alive, even with fewer episodes next season.

The shorter run could work

Arguably, opting for the shorter run is a good decision. “Quantico” season 2 was full of confusing plotlines, dropped characters, and unnecessary red-herrings. Sometimes the episodes felt like filler to stretch out story lines. They didn’t work, and often felt forced.

By opting for a 13-episode order, the show can focus on the main storyline.

The last six episodes of “Quantico” season 2 worked extremely well. Each episode had a main purpose for the overall story arc, getting rid of unnecessary plot devices to add drama. There will be more focus on an overall story with 13 episodes, as with shows like "The 100” and “American Horror Story.”

Loss of ‘Quantico’ showrunner

One downside of the renewal news is that Josh Safron is stepping down as showrunner.

This could have meant danger, but he will stick around as a consultant. He was the one to create these diverse and strong characters and he will be needed to keep their development on track.

Right now there is no confirmation on a new showrunner. This decision will likely be made over the next few weeks, as “Quantico” actors take their break before filming resumes -- possibly in the summer.