Taylor Swift, the America singer-songwriter, has had a difficult week in the spotlight. She testified in court this Thursday, speaking out against the Sexual Harassment that she suffered in 2013. David Mueller, a radio DJ from Denver allegedly groped Swift at a meet-and-greet in 2013. He was fired shortly after the incident. And now he is back, looking for revenge and a paycheck. Swift, however, refused to be intimidated and took the stand on Thursday, telling her side of the story and fighting for an end to sexual harassment in the work place.

Taylor speaks out

As Mueller's attorney began questioning Swift this Thursday, her resolve strengthened. She decided that she was not going to let Mueller get away with this. She had been violated and she never wanted anyone else to feel that way. And so, when the attorney threw questions her way, she straightened her back and answered the questions in a clear voice. She told Mueller's attorney that neither he nor Mueller were going to be able to intimidate her. According to NBC News, Swift told the court that she had been sexually harassed by Mueller. She claimed that he had grabbed her bottom, while they were taking a photograph. She also added that she would not be made to feel that this is her fault.

Swift spoke out, saying that it was time that things changed. She would not take the blame for Mueller's failures. According to CNN, she added that Mueller's circumstances were the result of his poor decisions. Swift said that the victims of sexual harassment should be protected, not blamed.

Massive online support for Swift

On Thursday, social media erupted with support for the American superstar.

Fans have praised Swift for taking a stand and speaking out against sexual harassment. Many were blown away by Swift's confidence and have taken to social media to tell Swift what an inspiration she is. This was something that Swift had hoped would happen. Swift agreed to testify in this case, not because she wanted money but because she was tired of women having to simply accept such mistreatment.

Swift hoped that by testifying she would set an example.

It seems as though that is exactly what Swift has achieved. Taylor Swift has laid the foundations for the future workplace, void of sexual harassment. She has given women the confidence to speak out and tell the truth about what they have gone through. Swift has used this unfortunate circumstance to create something beautiful.