The iconic pop princess Taylor Swift is due in court coming this August. Former host for the KYGO radio station, David Mueller, faces several allegations from the singer stating that he inappropriately touched her. Not only was the groping sexual in nature but it was also without her consent. The incident allegedly happened during a backstage meet-and-greet between the two parties. Swift stated that Mueller’s actions were intentional and deliberate. She also noted that she hasn’t been surer of something in her entire existence when it comes to knowing that her claims against him are true.

According to Yahoo! News, Mueller commented that he didn’t engage in any threatening behavior towards Swift. He says that Swift and her affiliates got him terminated from his radio hosting position for reasons unknown.

Latest details

Beginning August 7, 2017, a federal judge will hear both sides of the story. The trial will span over nine days. The courts will present Swift's case before the judge in the state of Colorado. Last Wednesday, the judge dismissed Swift’s bid to reject Mueller’s defamation claims. The courts are giving him the chance to present a defense for tortious obstruction.

Be that as it may, the judge needed to determine whether Mueller provided enough affirmations that can form a legitimate counterclaim against Swift that proves her intended impedance with both his and her contract agreements with their employment authorities.

William Martinez, the U.S. District Court judge overseeing this case, mentioned that given Swift’s acknowledgment of KYGO, a jury could derive that she and other distinctive respondents on her team sensibly must have been aware that Mueller had business contracts with the radio station.

What happens now

During the next few months, Judge Martinez will review any interchanges between KYGO radio and Swift's camp and determine whether both parties collaborated to sabotage Mueller in ways that would have eventually led to his termination.

Concerning whether there was any shameful impedance using financial weight, the judge gestures to affidavit declaration that KYGO may have dreaded activity by Swift and states a jury ought to choose this question.

The judge likewise rejects the contention at this phase that Swift caused Mueller's employment termination since she was not the reason why it happened in the first place.

The State Of Colorado and Judge Martinez strictly mandated both Mueller and the Grammy Award winner to appear in court to resolve this tumultuous case. The story continues this August.