Taylor Swift is one of the big names in the music industry and all eyes are on her especially because of her intriguing relationships. But lately, the "Bad Blood" singer is away from the spotlight and many are wondering what she is up to.

The last time Swift was seen out in public was during her performance at a pre-Super Bowl party in February. After that, she opted to hide from the public. To show her support for her friends Lorde and HAIM, the singer merely posted on Instagram instead of being physically present in the event.

Her Instagram is also quiet without any candid pics.

Instead, she only posts photos of her previous concerts and promotions for her friends' albums. So, where is Swift? Why is she hiding?

Swift's conscious disappearance

According to a source, Swift made a conscious choice to disappear because she felt that she was overexposed and everything is already out of her control. This time she is secretive and low-key which makes her happy. This statement could be true since Swift said in an interview with Vogue last year that she wants to get out of the pressure and focus on short-term goals like learning new things.

Fans of the singer are aware that Swift posted on her Instagram that her performance in Houston is the only show she will do for 2017. Of course, this freaked out her fans but her disappearance could mean something else aside from linking it to her shameful breakup with Tom Hiddleston.

New album coming up?

While everyone is asking where Taylor Swift is, it appears that there is one person who knows where she is. Swift's BFF, Ed Sheeran recently clarified what Swift is doing. It appears that the singer is working on a new Album.

Sheeran also said that Swift will not be releasing anything until the end of the year as Christmas is the best time to release a record because everyone buys records during the holiday season.

The "Shake It Off" singer is known for going quiet every time she is working on a new album. She might keep herself out of the media and from bigger studios as she wants to focus on what she is doing.

Where is Swift?

Well, Swift isn't in New York or Los Angeles but she is with her family in Nashville, Tennessee. Aside from working on her upcoming album and laying low, she is also spending time with her close friends who are there to support her.

And, good news, Taylor Swift is very happy while staying away from the spotlight. Bet her fans are happy about this too while at the same time they are expecting something really big once she releases her album.