Not all heroes wear capes. In fact, some heroes are eight-year-old Girls, armed with nothing but a Lemonade Stand and some of the biggest hearts in town. A Charlestown girl by the name of Abigail DeRoeve decided that she had to do something to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. When she approached her dad and asked how she could help, her father suggested that she set up a lemonade stand. So Abby and her three friends set up shop on a sidewalk close to the Bunker Hill Monument.

Something similar took place in McFarland as well. In this instance, two ten-year-old girls, Sarai Blanchar and Julia Ackley, set up a stand selling lemonade and Rice Krispy bars.

These two young ladies often their lemonade stand up but this is the first time they are doing it for charity.

Why is Abby so passionate about this cause?

According to CBS, Abby felt her heart drop when she saw what the victims of Harvey were going through. She knew she had to do something. She told the press that a lemonade stand appeared to be the best way for her and her friends to raise money. In an interview, Abby said that she had to do something because the victims of Harvey had nothing.

Within 3 hours of selling their wares, the four girls had raised almost $500. They took the cash and headed to BJ's to buy diapers and non-perishables for the people affected by Harvey. The girls donated these goods to the Help for Houston Drive that has been set up at the City Hall.

For such little people, these girls are certainly big heroes!

Sarai and Julia's story

Sarai Blanchar and Julia Ackley have always been little business women. They are often seen selling lemonade in 5005 Card Avenue in McFarland. Last Tuesday the girls raised $300. They also raised $1200 dollars through online fundraising. These heroic young ladies will be donating their proceeds to the Red Cross.

According to CBS 46, the girls felt that they had to help the victims of Harvey. They told the media that it felt far better to use the money for something good than just to keep it to themselves. Sarai's grandmother also told the press that the girls had restored her faith in humanity.

Abby, Sarai, Julia and their friends are sterling examples of real-life heroes.

Their stories show some goodness shining out of the terrible circumstances in Texas. We can only hope that they never lose their big hearts and caring natures. We need more people like them in this world! Keep up the good work girls!