“Counting On” stars Jill Duggar and derick dillard have been beset by controversy lately. Reports of lying about their minister’s credentials, misusing fund donations, health issues, and gay comments among others have been flying around the headlines. Their social media post’s comment sections were flooded with negativity every time they posted anything.

Some users even mentioned Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, Josh Duggar, and their church. In view of the influx of criticism, the couple’s decision to discontinue their missionary work in El Salvador is the best and wisest decision they have made in a while.

Various issues will be put to rest

Wagging tongues telling about their falsification of credentials and the misuse of fund donations for their mission have to stop by all means. They are not only destructive but they are also agents of lies. Besides, the consistent reports will eventually damage the Duggar Family’s reputation including the “19 Kids and Counting” spin-off “Counting On.”

Jill Duggar was even criticized about the food she gives to her son Israel. She was condemned for exposing her son and her unborn baby to the danger of the Zika virus. There is no end to the negative issues hurled at them and their decision is probably the best way to stop wagging tongues.

US Weekly reported that the couple revealed their decision not to go back to El Salvador through the Duggar family blog.

The couple informed their followers that the Lord has prompted them to stay in Arkansas and continue their ministry in their home church. They also added that they have stopped accepting donations.

The 'Counting On' couple continues serving the Lord in Arkansas

The couple continued by assuring everyone that they will continue walking with the Lord.

The International Missions Board rejected their application as ministers because they do not have enough training for their missions. The Southern Baptist Convention also turned them down which means that no support will be given to them reports The Hollywood Gossip.

With their decision to stay in Arkansas, many issues will be put to rest.

The bullying issue on Jazz Jennings is currently putting the father of two in a bad light. Despite his clarifications, supporters of the LGBTQ community continue to condemn the ordained pastor.

The Duggar family has faithful supporters that defend them and continue to justify their stand on issues affecting the famous family. With Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard staying with their family, hopefully, this will give them a respite from the issues that they have to deal individually and as a couple.