Princess Diana was the "People's Princess". She was someone known for her caring heart and her strong will. She was known for her acts of charity. She was known for her laugh. She was also known as a lady of elegance. And it is this sense of style and fashion that led to her being classified as one of the best-dressed women in history. The Princess has recently been compared to the likes of Audrey Hepburn. We may have lost the Princess 20 years ago but her sense of style will never be lost.

The Princess' Fashion Sense is something that is still emulated today.

According to Vanity Fair, the Princess used her clothes to show who she was. There was more to her dresses than pretty colors and fetching cuts. The Princess' garments tell the story of the elegant lady that she was.

Princess Diana's style

When Princess Diana was first being courted by Prince Charles, her style was very feminine and frilly. She had only a few pieces of clothing. When she became a royal this all changed. Suddenly she had hundreds of outfits to choose from. The Princess chose wisely and every outfit made some or other statement. For example, the Princess would often remove her gloves when holding hands with people. This was not something that Royals would usually do. However, the Princess made a conscious effort to do so as she believed that it was important to be able to truly connect with people.

She didn't want to keep her gloves on and appear superior, she truly had a heart for the people.

According to Vanity Fair, Diana would also be very conscious of who she was meeting with when picking her outfit for the day. For example, if she were to be visiting a hospital for the visually impaired, she liked to wear materials such as velvet.

She wore velvet so that she would feel warm and caring to the patients. Furthermore, if she visited children then she would be sure to wear chunky jewelry so that the children would have something to play with.

Who did she inspire?

Some of Diana's fashion sense can be seen in both Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton. Princess Diana developed a special sense of style for her overseas trips.

She enjoyed trying to match her clothing to the country she would be visiting. For example, when she visited Saudi Arabia she wore a dress covered in golden falcons. According to USA Today, Diana saw such outfits as symbols of respect. Both Kate and Michelle have been seen making similar fashion choices.

Princess Diana's legacy will surely live on for many more years!