There are only a handful of actors and actresses who can pull off playing a role for years, and one of them is Hugh Jackman, whose epic run as Wolverine came to an end with this year's "Logan." Among the female characters who have been gracing the big screen since the early 2000's, there's Kate Beckinsale's Selene in the "Underworld" franchise. The 44-year old actress has been playing the role since 2003, with the latest film in the franchise coming out just last year in the form of "Underworld: Blood Wars."

While most moviegoers know her because of that role, she was, in fact, offered another iconic role back in 2006, this time for joss whedon's interpretation of "Wonder Woman." Fans may recall that this year's "Wonder Woman" has earned a massive $786 million globally, paving the way for Patty Jenkins to be the first female director to sell that much on a global scale and paving the way for more female-led films to become more mainstream.

Beckinsale turned down Joss Whedon's script

In talking to Yahoo! Movies, Kate Beckinsale, recalled just how she questioned Joss Whedon's version of "Wonder Woman." She said, "The incarnations that I was seeing [in the script] were...they weren't this one," referring to this year's Patty Jenkins-helmed blockbuster hit.

Back in June, part of Whedon's "Wonder Woman" script leaked online and the public took it on themselves to skewer it with criticism. Huffington Post reported that the script contained scenes in which Diana dances to distract male villains and scenes in which Diana is called a "b----" and "whore." Additionally, it featured "an awfully racist and stereotypical portrayal of a 'gangster'-type villain" as well.

Actress recognizes the influence of women-led films

Despite turning down "Wonder Woman," Kate Beckinsale admits that she recognizes just how powerful female-led films have become, especially when it comes to inspiring the youth. Beckinsale, who is a mom to an 18-year old daughter, said that "For my daughter’s generation, they’re not questioning that at all, 'Wonder Woman' smacked everybody at the box office...That’s normal to them and that feels like a short period of time for quite a big change.

It’s nice to have been part of moving that needle."

Joss Whedon trying again with 'Batgirl'

Kate Beckinsale turning down Joss Whedon's "Wonder Woman" script may have been pivotal for the director, who's now busy with inheriting "Justice League" from Zack Snyder. But that doesn't mean he's done directing female-led films. The "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" creator is actually going to helm the upcoming "Batgirl" film and moviegoers are hoping that it won't be as much of a sexist disaster as his "Wonder Woman" script.