President Donald Trump is facing bad publicity and showers of criticism, following a racist remark he made on Thursday (Jan. 11). The president met with various interested parties last week to discuss the DACA Program, according to The Guardian. The aim of the talks was to reach an agreement surrounding the case of Dreamers, young people who were moved to the US as children but do not have legal immigration status. The president's strong views about immigration meant that tensions were high during the meeting. It thus only took a few racist words from his mouth to send the debates into shambles and leave little hope for continuing the talks.

Immigration meetings turn sour

An Oval Meeting took place last week Thursday through Sunday as the government entered into debates about immigration. Democrats offered to fund security for American borders and perhaps even provide funding for Trump's wall. In return, they asked that those under the Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals program receive protection. They asked for a less aggressive immigration ban. Trump initially claimed to be ready to close a deal with the Democrats.

A short while later, however, Trump made a racist comment that derailed any possibility for cooperation. Trump is believed to have said that Haiti, El Salvador, and several other African countries are "s***hole countries" and that is why he is so extreme in his immigration policy.

Talks broke down on Sunday (Jan. 14) following his racist and horrible comments.

President claims he is anything but a racist

According to CNN, Trump has since told the media that he is the "least racist person you have ever met." There have also been a few senators who have denied Trump's comment. But talk is cheap and there have been several other instances where Trump has been accused of being a racist.

During Obama's campaign, Trump accused Obama of not being an American citizen. In 1973, Trump's family business was sued for refusing to rent apartments to African Americans.

His most recent racist comment is the final nail in the coffin. The United Nations and the African Union have condemned him for his demeaning words. UN human rights spokesman, Rupert Colville, has also spoken out, saying that while the president may or may not be a racist, his words will surely encourage Xenophobia and hate. One thing is for certain, the public will not be letting Trump get away with such words so easily.