On Friday's episode of "General Hospital," Sam and Sonny are both lying in hospital beds and having the same revelation. Each one is reliving the moment when Ms. Morgan shot the mob boss. Spoiler alerts for Monday, August 7Th indicate that a cover up will take place to hide the truth.

Sam is dealing with encephalitis and can't distinguish reality from hallucination

Earlier spoiler alerts suggested that Sam Morgan was going to have a brain tumor, but she is actually dealing with an infection caused by encephalitis. She has been acting out by snapping at people and also has been seeing hallucinations of Sonny.

Last week she confronted him near an abandoned warehouse and accused Mr. Corinthos of trying to take Jason from her. During a struggle, Sam shot Sonny in the leg and pushed him down into a hole. She was later hospitalized after passing out.

Carly and Donte rescued Sonny just before the demolition crew destroyed the warehouse, and he is recuperating from the loss of blood. As he is regaining consciousness, he hears his family suggesting that Garvey shot him. Sonny begins remembering the truth and tells them it was not Garvey. He stops short however of saying who did pull the trigger. At the same time, Sam is having a hard time recalling if she really shot Sonny or she is hallucinating.

The cover up begins

According to "General Hospital" spoilers, Sonny and Sam are not the only ones who are realizing the truth.

Jason is figuring things out and will do whatever it takes to protect his wife. Jason will no doubt go into his Stone cold mode, and between him and Sonny, they will find a way to keep Sam from paying for her crime. In the meantime, Sam is reasoning things out, and now that she is lucid she is realizing that Sonny poses no threat and would not force her husband back into his service.

Sonny understands that Sam is not herself and he will not say anything that points in her direction.

Mr. Corinthos has, however, already said that Garvey did not shoot him, so someone else will have to take the fall. Jason and his mentor will have to work quickly to come up with a plausible explanation as to who shot Sonny and why.

Donte is a sharp detective and will soon realize he is not being told the entire truth. This is why Stone cold must keep his wife from incriminating herself.he is still recovering from the infection and also dealing with effects from the medication.

Sam, is still recovering from the infection and also dealing with effects from the medication. She is also desperate to know what is real and what she is imagining. Viewers realize that eventually, the entire truth will eventually unfold, and Ms. Morgan will have to deal with it. For now, however, Sonny and Jason are keeping tight lipped. They will also find a way to make sure Sam does the same.