According to Vanity Fair, Prince Harry and his wife will embark on a six-week sabbatical, to recover from their recent 10-day tour of southern Africa. During that time the Royal couple did an interview which airs tonight on British TV at 8:00 PM local time. American fans can see the program on Wednesday night on ABC at 10:00 PM. E Online News indicates that the constant scrutiny around Meghan Markle has taken a toll which can be seen as she discusses her life as a new mother and also a member of the Royal Family. By talking to the press, the Duke and Duchess are breaking Queen Elizabeth's mantra of never complain and never explain.

Meghan Markle carries a heavy burden

The Duchess of Sussex carries a heavy burden, the other royals have not dealt with. She is the first woman of color to marry into the family and she is also a divorced American actress. She has been judged harshly and even baby Archie has been ridiculed. Although it has not been spoken publicly, there are those watching to see what complexion the young prince will end up with. Right now he is the color of his father and even seems to have Harry's red hair. Meghan Markle grew up as a biracial child, so she understands exactly what her son may face.

Meghan Markle also knows that there were rumors that Prince Harry's red hair is the result of his father being Major James Hewitt, rather than Prince Charles.

Hewitt tried to set the record straight by saying his affair with Princess Diana was two years after her second son was born. The Princess of Wales herself stated that Harry looked like her brother and the Spencer side of the family. Even so, there are some who will aways doubt.

Prince Harry has concerns about the past repeating itself

Prince Harry is quoted as saying in the interview that he is troubled by the popping flashbulbs and glare from the paparazzi's cameras. He says it brings to mind his mother dying because she was being chased by the press. The Duke of Sussex does not want the same thing to happen to his wife, but his plea for privacy may fall on deaf ears.

Photo's of the Royal Family are priceless and bring big bucks, so the photographer's will probably continue on.

The Duke and Duchess may well deserve a six-week sabbatical but when it is over, their duties will resume. They can take a vacation but they cannot get away from who they are. E Online suggests that Meghan Markle and her husband may be considering moving to Africa. As the old adage says, they can run but they cannot hide. The world is watching to see how this biracial, divorced, American, actress settles into Royal life. They also want to watch her son grow up and the press will find them, wherever they go. Sadly, this may be difficult for both Prince Harry and his wife to bear.