NBC News is reporting that during the Alfred E Smith dinner, General James Mattis joked about the commander in chief referring to him as an overrated general. Mattis pointed out that Donald Trump had also said that Meryl Streep is an overrated actress. CNN showed the clip of the former Defense Secretary mocking the current commander in chief. The four-star general received much laughter after his comments and this may set a trend. As republicans begin standing up against the president, more may join their ranks. Pulling U.S. troops out of Syria has caused Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson, and other evangelicals to cry foul, and more may follow their lead.

Donald Trump losing support

Slowly but surely, Donald Trump is losing support from his base. Congress, for the most part, remains loyal, but Evangelicals have been defecting ever since the president left the Kurds in harm's way. If the trend continues he may stand no chance at winning re-election in 2020. General James Mattis openly mocking the commander in chief is very telling.

Donald Trump's abuse of power will hurt him

The constant abuses of power that come from the Trump administration are astounding. Rudy Guiliani refusing to comply with subpoena's, denying, admitting and then denying, guilt on many issues is going to hurt "The Donald" in the long run. James Mattis speaking out will lead to another, which will cause one more to come forth.

I believe it will soon be like the "Me too" movement.

It is time for the republicans in congress to put the nation ahead of their fragile egos. So what if they are mentioned in a tweet? They should suck it up and be brave like General James Mattis and turn it into a joke and move on.