The well being of U.S. citizens, like caution is being thrown to the wind. Six months into his presidency, The Trump effect continues to reign for number 45. The elected and appointed officials in Washington are caught up in fighting with each other, while American citizens are being thrown under the bus.

Mayhem and madness continue in the Trump administration

Since November when he was elected there has been constant mayhem surrounding Donald Trump. Hate crimes, racism, anti-Semitic actions, and attacks against the LGBTQ community have all increased.

Americans have been protesting with chants of "Not my president", "Impeach" and "Treason". The Russian scandal continues with increasing evidence mounting each day. Chaos abounds and is growing inside the Oval Office in Washington D.C.

The sanity of our commander in chief is being questioned and madness can be seen in most all of his actions. A few days ago Donald Trump overturned his predecessor's ruling that Transgender Americans could serve in the military. The bureaucrats in this current administration stood by and allowed the President to take away the rights of a segment of Americans to serve their country.

Someone in Washington needs to take a stand

It is time for someone in Washington to take a stand against the Tierney of Donald J Trump.

This man is destroying all our great nation has stood for, and is causing problems in every sector. The vitriol he has unleashed has Republicans and Democrats fighting each other rather than fighting for the Americans they were elected or appointed to serve.

The Trump effect is causing the well-being of U.S. citizens to take a back seat to partisan issues and the whims of a man who has no political experience, and who will not listen to wise counsel.

It brings to mind the villain from the movie "Spy Kids." He was wrecking so much havoc that the cry was: "Floop is a madman help us save us!" Americans are crying out: "Donald Trump is a madman, help us save us!"

It is long past time to take the steps to end the reign of President Donald Trump.This nation needs a leader who can begin to bridge the gaps and bring healing.

It only took us six months to get to this place of extreme infighting among the bureaucrats, and lack of concern for U.S. citizens. This nation will probably need much more time, however, to recover, repair the damage, and get back on track. Those in D.C. including the President need to remember whom they are working for. The Trump effect on this country needs to end.