There is little doubt that Ivar The Boneless will tower over "Vikings" Season 5 despite his disability. Some believe that Ragnar Lothbrok's crippled son will finally go after Lagertha and avenge the death of Aslaug. But is it possible that Ivar will find a different way to get back at the Queen of Kattegat? Will the youngest Lothbrok heir use Lagertha's beloved Astrid against her?

Fans are already well aware of Ivar the Boneless' intention to kill Lagertha since the fourth season of "Vikings". The young Northman has repeatedly vowed to murder the former shieldmaiden for what she did to his mother, but there are speculations that he will come up with a new way to torture Lagertha.

Could this mean that Astrid will get killed off in Season 5?

Ivar's painful revenge on Lagertha

The "Vikings" Season 5 trailer already confirms that Ivar the Boneless and Lagertha will be on opposing sides of an upcoming civil war. However, it looks like the fight will also be an emotional one for the Queen of Kattegat. One scene depicts Lagertha looking down at a fallen ally.

Fans immediately began speculating about the identity of Lagertha's dead friend. Naturally, some believe that it could be Astrid, who is also shown being abducted in the Season 5 trailer.

Will Ivar kill Astrid?

It is possible that Ivar the Boneless will have some difficulty facing Lagertha on the battlefield. Instead, the crippled son of Ragnar Lothbrok could decide to wound the former Earl Ingstad emotionally. The loss of Astrid could be devastating for Lagertha, adding yet another tragedy in her life after the death of her daughter and ex-husband.

Who will kill Lagertha?

Ivar the Boneless might not be the most dangerous character in "Vikings" Season 5. There is a possibility that Ubbe will decide to forge an alliance with Lagertha only so he could get back at his younger brother and ultimately claim the throne to Kattegat. Unfortunately, it seems like Lagertha's death might happen in the upcoming season.

After all, even Katheryn Winnick is unsure whether the series will continue beyond the fifth season. Some believe the actress already knows about her character's death.

Will Ivar the Boneless kill Astrid just to get back at Lagertha? Is it possible that Ubbe will murder the Queen of Kattegat so he could be the kingdom's new ruler? Who will end up dead in the bloody civil war between two brothers? Find out when "Vikings" Season 5 premieres on History on November 29.