On "General Hospital," Sam's behavior has been spiraling out of control. Everywhere she turns she sees hallucinations of Sonny Corinthos taunting her. Spoiler alerts say it all comes to a head when Sam shoots Sonny and pushes him into a pit. She then suffers a seizure and continues to see visions of Sonny everywhere.

Sam's behavior becomes erratic

Sam wants Jason out of the mob for good. She does not want him doing anything that associates him with Sonny. Sam is so frantic that she has gone to both Julian and Ava Jerome with the hope that they will take care of Sonny on her behalf.

Earlier spoiler alerts indicated that Sam is suffering from a brain tumor and this is why she is hallucinating and snapping at everyone.

Sam has been seeing Sonny everywhere she turns, and several times when she was talking to herself, Jason walked in on her. Sam covered every time but her husband knows something is wrong. He has been encouraging his spouse to follow-up with her doctor but Sam sidesteps the issue. This week, however, she will have no choice. After shooting Sonny and having a seizure it will be clear that Mrs. Morgan is very much out of control.

Dr. Finn to the rescue

Spoiler alerts state that Dr. Finn will be the physician who will make the correct diagnosis regarding what is going on with Sam's health.

He determines that she has Toxoplasmosis encephalitis and wants to test her daughter Scout as well. Dr. Griffin Monroe will assist, so Sam should be in good, capable hands with these two doctors. After she receives proper treatment Sam will need a period of recovery.

Let's hope she is on the mend before the story of two Jasons takes place.

This would really be confusing for someone who is seeing hallucinations and having seizures. Spoilers do not indicate how bad Sonny will be hurt, but more than likely he will bounce back. Dr. Finn might be the one to look after Sonny as well.

Will Sam be changed by her experience?

Jason was forever changed because of the head injury that was the result of the auto accident he was involved in.

Fans may be wondering if Sam's life will be altered after her surgery. It's possible Sam may return home and be her normal self. The "General Hospital" writers, however, may have something else in mind. Stay tuned each weekday on ABC to find out what happens to Sam, and be on the lookout for spoiler alerts if you like to know a day or two in advance what's taking place in Port Charles.