Spoiler alerts for "General Hospital" say that the women in Julian Jerome's life will deal with medical issues this week. His wife, daughter, and sister will each have a health-related crisis. Julian will have to find a way to be there for all three.

Ava's situation is of her own making

Ava Jerome was just recently released from the burn unit at "General Hospital." She is now dealing with the fact that she is responsible for the events that led to Morgan's death. Ava is also trying to come to terms with how the fire altered her appearance. In addition, she is reeling from the fact that she has, in a sense, lost both of her daughters.

Sonny now has custody of Avery, and Kiki is distancing herself because of what happened to Morgan. Spoilers say this week Julian will try to help his sibling deal with depression. Ava's brother, however, may not have the skillset to deal with all of her complicated issues. Time spent with his sister is time that is taken away from Alexis and Sam, who will be having their own medical issues.

Sam's problems are being blamed on her father

The doctors at "General Hospital" indicate that Sam's infection may have been caused by an animal or exposure to the elements. This caused Jason and Kristina to lash out at Julian. They blame him because his sister Olivia left Sam in the cold and snow while she was pregnant with her daughter Scout.

Both Jason and Kristina made it clear they do not want Julian anywhere around Sam, but he will not be able to stay away. He is going to want to know what is going on with Sam while she is dealing with this life-threatening illness.

Alexis will have a health crisis

Spoiler alerts indicate that Alexis is also going to have a health crisis and end up at the hospital.

They did not, however, indicate what the medical crisis would be. Julian will be stretched thin trying to help these three women in his life, but there is no doubt his wife will come first. Whatever Alexis will be dealing with is going to be pretty serious, and "Julexis" fans are hoping it will bring her closer to her husband.

It's been a while since Julian and his spouse have steamed up the small screen, so it's about time the "General Hospital " writers get this super couple back together. "Julexis" fans will be thrilled. Stay tuned to ABC week days to find out how Alexis, Sam, and Ava deal with their various issues. Keep reading spoiler alerts if you like knowing ahead of time how things may possibly turn out.