The Duggar Family is constantly embroiled in controversy. From the scandal with Josh Duggar to Jinger's "rebellion" with pants, the family name is constantly in the headlines. Critics follow the family spewing out hatred at anything they share with fans. While some of the stuff is valid, a lot is just mean-spirited behavior that makes its way through social media. The most recent "scandal" is from Jennifer Duggar's 10th birthday party.

What is the controversy?

When the Duggar family shared a photo of Jennifer Duggar with some of her friends and family members in front of where her birthday party was held, the internet went crazy.

It seems that one of the young girls had on a pair of shorts what went above her knee. Immediately, headlines were formed and accusations about modesty were being thrown around. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jennifer Duggar wasn't the girl in question, her friend was. All of the hype about Dress Code has gone on for over 24 hours already. The fact that the little girl isn't part of the Duggar family has not stopped the critics, in fact, it fueled them.

This is not the first Duggar family controversy that has been fueled by the choice of clothing worn. Jinger Duggar made headlines shortly after marrying Jeremy Vuolo because she was wearing pants. Since then, she has been photographed out in shorts, leggings, and pants.

The controversy doesn't end there because now, it is a joke when fans see Jinger "defying" her father. Of course, she isn't doing that at all. Jeremy is who she has to answer to, and now, he approves of her choices as long as the modesty is still in place.

Jennifer's birthday tarnished

Now that the photo has been criticized over and over again because of Jennifer Duggar's friend, fans are upset.

They have been battling the commenters back, explaining that this little girl's photo of her birthday is tarnished. While the younger Duggar siblings never see social media, the older ones do. They are reportedly upset by the rude remarks and accusations that have tarnished their little sister's 10th birthday.

Unfortunately, this will be a common occurrence when photos are shared with the public.

Despite the younger siblings being completely innocent in any of the scandals brought forth by the family, they are still targets. Jennifer Duggar will be none the wiser about the horrible comments made on her photo, but everyone else was able to see the cruel remarks.