Jason Duggar is officially an adult. The Duggar family celebrated his big birthday over the weekend. Of course, there were posts that gushed about how awesome he is, but there were also fan posts that suggested he may just be the most Eligible Bachelor in the family. Jason has stayed out of the spotlight for the most part. He has appeared on “Counting On” and the various shows before, but there hasn't been much focus on him.


Now that Jason Duggar is officially 18, he can enter into a courtship and see the process through to the end. This is incredibly exciting news because no one knows what to expect from Duggar.

He is a bit of a mystery and that has intrigued fans even more. The countdown is on to find out what Jason plans to do in his life next. Will he follow his older sisters' footsteps and get married immediately? Will Jason remain at the Duggar compound like his older brother John-David? There is no telling what is going to happen, which has put all eyes on him.

The Duggar family gets excited about a child courting, especially when they have intentions of getting married rather quickly. There are plenty of siblings married, and now Jason Duggar is officially able to make a choice to court someone he is interested in. According to In Touch Weekly, there is plenty of excitement around Duggar turning 18.

There have been rumblings of girls who know the young man hoping that he is interested in them. For some, being married into the Duggar clan is something they have worked toward, especially those who have grown up with the children.

2018 Duggar-style

It is already a busy year for the Duggar family. Jason Duggar turned 18, Josiah will be getting married, Jinger Duggar will be welcoming her first child, and Joseph will become a first-time dad.

There is plenty to get excited about, but the focus seems to be shifting to Jason's love life. Some fans have begun making predictions on when they believe he will begin courting. It should typically be following the announcement of a new season of “Counting On,” or toward the end of the next season. The Duggars know how to capitalize on their news, and that has helped to keep them on television for a while now.

With another adult Duggar in the home, things are going to get even more chaotic than they were before! The next decade will be filled with more courtships and weddings than ever before. The future is looking bright for the Duggars!