Kailyn Lowry has been upfront about her struggles with Chris Lopez. The two welcomed a son last year, and since then, she has been raising him almost exclusively. Lowry often makes comments on social media about her relationship with Lopez. “Teen Mom 2” viewers saw the distress when it was almost time to welcome Lux into the world. It was captured by the cameras and Lowry was almost positive that Lopez wouldn't be around for the birth.

The battle

Back in November, Kailyn Lowry filed a petition to have Lux carry her name instead of Lopez. This was after Chris Lopez decided against filling out the necessary paperwork where he would acknowledge paternity instead of dragging it out in court.

Since then, Lowry has revealed that Lux has seen his father under supervised visits. It isn't exactly clear how involved in the baby's life Chris is, but Kailyn is the primary parent for the little boy. She is always with him, taking him on vacation and enjoying the life she has built for her three sons.

It was revealed that Kailyn Lowry won the case to change Lux's name to Lowry. The news leaked yesterday and several outlets have reported on the situation. Lowry didn't comment too much on the victory. It happened last week but was just brought to the media yesterday.

Kail speaks out

In an Exclusive statement to Blasting News, Kailyn Lowry shared how she still has some discontent, exclusively sharing that, “I never wanted things to be this way.

But I knew- and still know- that Lux will have his dad in his life. Lux deserves to have a relationship and his own opinion on his father based on their relationship. Not swayed by me or what his dad and I deal with separately.” Lowry added that, “I got Lux’s last name changed in my favor but at the end of the day nobody really wins when there is a child involved.” Interesting to note in the story regarding his name, is an exclusive tip that a source dished, noting that, “Chris doesn’t even use his Dad’s last name.

He actually uses his mother’s. So, Chris should further understand Lux using his Mother’s name as well.”

Fans are interested to find out how much of this will play out in the upcoming season of “Teen Mom 2.” The show was filmed several weeks in 2018, and there will be plenty of drama ahead. Kailyn Lowry is moving forward, focusing on the three most important people in her life. Things may not have always been easy for the reality star, but she has pulled through each obstacle thrown at her.