Jinger Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo less than a year ago. By all accounts, he is more liberal than Jim Bob Duggar. He has allowed Jinger to wear pants and break out of the strict life that she has always known. Vuolo is a pastor in Laredo, Texas where the couple resides. His sermons are often talked about, especially now that he is in the public eye.

Donald Trump comments

Donald Trump is controversial at best. During one of his recent sermons, Jeremy Vuolo made a comment about Trump having the "authority of God." As you can imagine, the public's reaction has been extreme.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jeremy Vuolo s being slammed for his comments about God and Donald Trump. While some viewers believe he was making an analysis and slamming the current commander-in-chief, others believe his statements show his support for Trump.

The Duggar family is used to controversy. They have been plagued with it for years. Jinger Duggar has been in and out of the headlines, especially when it was revealed that she was courting Jeremy Vuolo. He had somewhat of a wild past. Aside from that, the idea that he allows his wife to dress how she chooses has caused some uproar. She is the third daughter to be married off, with both of her sisters still holding on to the tradition of dresses and skirts.

Jinger has worn pants and shorts since being married, and it doesn't appear she is going to stop.

Jeremy breeds controversy

Because Jeremy Vuolo is a pastor, he is heavily scrutinized among fans and haters of the Duggar Family. The comments regarding his words relaying Donald Trump having God's authority hasn't sat right with their side in the debate.

Even some of the most extreme Christians have taken issue with Trump. Others are reaching for the comparison that Vuolo was making is that while the president is ruling our country like God rules lives, he will still be held accountable for his actions.

Aside from all of this, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have been heavily criticized for not getting pregnant immediately.

Rumors are circulating that Joy-Anna Duggar may already be pregnant ahead of her sister who has already been married nearly a year. The focus on having a child immediately after marriage seems to be a thing for the Duggar family. Jinger and Jeremy appear to be happy in their lives, especially while they are living in Texas and helping to spread God's word. Jeremy Vuolo may not be eloquent with words, but he definitely knows what he believes.