Michelle Duggar has found herself in the center of an abuse controversy. It has been public knowledge that the Duggar family follows the Pearl method when it comes to raising children. This includes things like blanket training, which has been brought up several times over the years with Michelle and most recently, Jill Duggar. While the matriarch appears to be sweet and gentle while on “Counting On,” the latest video shared seems to tell a very different story.

Derick Dillard records

All of the outrage stems from a video shared by Derick Dillard.

Michelle Duggar was in the process of reprimanding Jennifer Duggar, and when it was clear she was being filmed, her entire demeanor changed. According to In Touch Weekly, this has been heavily discussed on Reddit. Many people believe that Michelle was harsh with her young daughter and that more may be going on behind closed doors. That isn't surprising given the timid way the Duggar women have grown up to act, especially Joy-Anna Duggar.

Critics will go after the Duggar family for almost anything, but this is definitely one that even fans are talking about. Michelle Duggar has always portrayed herself as a sweet and gentle soul, one that loves her children very much. Of course, she is always following Jim Bob Duggar's lead.

Submission is the way they live their lives, but this seems to be completely on Michelle alone. This has brought up a lot of questions about how things work in the Duggar house behind closed doors. Is there more to the way the children behave? What about the chores the girls do?

Joy-Anna brought into the mess

While busy being a new mom, Joy-Anna Duggar is being thrown into this battle.

The critics have decided that because of the way Michelle Duggar was caught acting, that must have contributed to the way the new mom acts. It has been incredibly apparent that Joy-Anna looks to her husband, Austin Forsyth, for everything. There has been speculation that there may be some emotional abuse happening in their marriage, and if the home she grew up in was like it appears it could have been, this wouldn't be shocking.

When “Counting On” returns this summer, fans will be watching more closely for clues about what really happens in the Duggar home. With so many of the older children moved out and married, the way things ran for so long has changed. Aside from Jana Duggar, all of the other daughters are preteen age or younger.