John Black (Drake Hogestyn) and Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) are in grave danger after Hattie (Andrea Hall) held them hostage. However, the couple might be freed on the next episode of "Days Of Our Lives."

Hattie has been ruining Marlena's life

Hattie returned to Salem to take revenge with Marlena. Hattie shocked Marlena when she announced that she would be taking over her life. Hattie had orchestrated her plans well with Bonnie Lockhart (Judi Evans) and Angelica Deveraux (Jane Elliot). She drugged Marlena, held her captive and faked everyone when she resurfaced as the good doctor.

In past "DOOL" episodes, Hattie has been trying to ruin what john and marlena have by breaking up with him because he allegedly neglected her for his career. This broke his heart. Then Hattie also held John as a hostage, which gave him the chance to be reunited with the true Marlena.

While Hattie was able to cover up Marlena's absence because they are identical twins, she couldn't do the same for John. Paul (Christopher Sean) has noticed the absence of his father. He has been looking for John, but Hattie who has been playing as Marlena will convince him that his dad may have left after she broke up with him.

"Days" spoilers suggest that Paul will believe Hattie because he thought she was Marlena.

There is no reason for him to doubt her. However, Paul may continue to investigate why his dad is missing.

On the other hand, John and Marlena just reunited after Hattie both held them as hostages. However, the couple is at the mercy of her twin sister and they know that they are not safe there.

No one knows that Marlena is missing, and it is not yet confirmed where John is after the fake Marlena broke up with him.

So, it is unlikely that a family member will look for them, however, the couple will get lucky because someone will arrive to rescue them, and it’s someone that “Days of Our Lives” viewers do not expect.

According to TV Overmind, Andre DeMira (Thaao Penghlis) will be John and Marlena's, savior. Hattie Adams who has been posing as Marlena will make a stupid move that will give Andre an idea about her plot.

Thus, the lovebirds will still be safe.

Brady will ruin everything for Nicole

Another "Days" spoiler suggests that Brady (Eric Martsolf) will be desperate to win Nicole (Arianne Zucker) back that he will set up Eric (Greg Vaughan) for murder. Unfortunately, this may cause his relationship with Nicole.

Nicole is devastated because the court did not grant her the custody of her baby. She suspected that Deimos paid off the judge to keep her baby away from her. Brady will do something big for her, but Nicole will not love the interference.

Is Brady planning to kill Deimos and set up Eric for the murder? How will this affect Brady and Nicole's relationship?