"Days Of Our Lives" drama has been heating up ever since new head writer Ron Carlivati's scripts began officially airing on July 19. Fans in the "Days" forums have been expressing their excitement over the new storylines that are beginning to develop.

Hattie reveals her intentions

On Monday, July 31, Hattie and Marlena are going to face off. Hattie will reveal to Marlena her intentions to take over her life in Salem, and Marlena is not going to take the news well. Hattie is not acting alone when it comes to seeking revenge on Marlena Evans. An entire elaborate plan has been orchestrated by Hattie, Bonnie and Angelica Deveraux.

Chad is inconsolable after Abigails' accident

The plan will go down after Marlena is drugged by Hattie. She will kidnap the good doctor and hide her away in a remote setting far from the city of Salem. Hattie is ready, willing and able at this time to begin living the high society life of Marlena Evans. Hattie wants to destroy Marlena's life completely. She wants Marlena's relationship with John to come to an end, and as soon as it does she will make her move on Roman.

Hattie has been attracted to Roman Brady for some time and what better way to live out her fantasy love affair with him than as masquerading as Roman's one true love, his ex-Marlena?

Just how long will Hattie be able to pull off this ruse?

Marlena's family will soon start to notice that she is a bit off. The pressure of pretending to be someone else will eventually cause Hattie to let her guard down, and those closest to Marlena will begin to notice all the small things that are out of character for her.

One of the biggest things that could be noticed right away should come from John Black and Roman Brady.

Both of these men have a lot in common. They have both spent many years loving the same woman, and they have both been intimate with her.

Should Hattie end up in a romantic setting with either man they should instantly feel that something is very off? Hattie may look and talk like Marlena, but there is no way she would ever be able to imitate her kiss.

As previously reported, Shaun and Belle are going to be arriving in Salem sometime before the end of the year. It is speculated that their return could coincide with Marlena/Hattie's peculiar behavior.

There could be one other problem Hattie could find herself facing in the future. If she somehow manages to completely pull the wool over everyone else's eyes in Salem there is one person that will be returning to town that won't be easily fooled, Sami Brady. Hattie will definitely have her hands full if she faces off with Salem's bad girl.

For the week of July 31, "Days" fans should also get ready for some pretty heartbreaking scenes as far as Chad and Abby are concerned. After Abigail puts her life on the line to save the man she loves, Chad is going to be completely distraught and inconsolable as she fights for her life.

What are your thoughts on the Hattie/Marlena and Chabby stories at this time? "Days of Our Lives" airs weekdays on NBC.