Jana Duggar is the most versatile member of the "19 Kids and Counting." She can cook, clean the house, maintain a garden, and of course, fix and design a home. Jana is creative, talented and very diligent in the Duggar household. In fact, she is the most hard-working member of the Duggar household that is why fans dubbed her as the "Cinderella Duggar." Many felt bad for Jana because she has the potential to make millions due to her skills, but she cannot leave her traditional family to pursue a career that is most fitted to her.

Jana’s skills could earn her millions in her reality TV show like 'Fixer Upper'

Jana Duggar is the most talented child of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. She knows most than her siblings when it comes to household chores. She excels in the kitchen, housekeeping, and interior designing. Jana has proven her creativity and talent in arts and design on several occasions, In Touch Weekly reported. For instance, in one episode of "Counting On," she redesigned their guest house for Jill Duggar and Derrick Dillard by adding a bunch of dark-colored planks of wood against the wall to give it a cozy ambiance.

In 2015, Jana also created a Belen for Christmas by hand. She drew it, and it was amazing. According to the publication, Jana could be the next Joanna Gaines.

Both are creative, artistic and talented. The two women also own a garden. In fact, earlier this month, the Duggar family shared a photo of Jana keeping busy with her garden. Jana’s skills and potential could earn her a lot of money if she gets her own reality show like Joanna’s "Fixer Upper."

Duggar fans are sad for Jana’s wasted potentials

Aside from the stuff mentioned above Jana has the potential to be a host too.

She showed off her hosting skills when she interviewed her brother Joseph Garner and sister-in-law, Kendra Caldwell. There is no doubt that she is, indeed, the most talented Duggar.

Unfortunately, a number of Duggar critics felt that it is unlikely for Jana to pursue her own career while she is in the Duggar household. It’s impossible to move out unless she gets married.

The family is very traditional, and many believe that Jim Bob and Michelle are exploiting her, so they won’t probably set her free to live on her own. Jana is also very dedicated to her family, and it's unlikely that she will opt to move out. She always considers her family. In fact, she looks after her younger siblings and takes care of Josh’s children too.

Many Duggar fans are sad for Jana. They felt that if she was born to another family that will support her craft and talent, she could pursue a career where she can use her artistry. Probably, she will have her own reality show like “Fixer Upper” to like Joanna's.

Do you agree that Jana could be the next “Fixer Upper” star-like Joanna Gaines?