Jinger Duggar has returned to wearing Jeans. The Duggar ladies are brought up by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar in a traditional and conservative set up where women are only allowed to wear dresses and skirts. However, Jinger broke the Duggar dress code after she tied the knot with Jeremy Vuolo and moved with him to Texas. The couple just celebrated their first wedding anniversary and just days after their celebration, Jinger was spotted wearing ripped jeans.

Jinger looks adorable in ripped jeans and sweatshirt

Jinger has changed a lot after she left her family.

Actually, she has become similar to most ordinary girls in terms of her clothing. Although she still wears dresses and skirts, she looks more casual and on the go when she wears jeans and sneakers.

On Tuesday, just days after her and Jeremy’s wedding anniversary, the latter took to Instagram and shared a photo of his wife. In the snap, Jinger is wearing a sweatshirt, ripped jeans, and a pair of sneakers. She is seated on a sofa while reading a book, “Trying my eye behind the lens (it helps having a beautiful subject),” Jeremy wrote in the caption.

Jinger’s jeans received a mixed reaction from the Duggar followers. Some criticized Jeremy’s wife for not sticking to her family’s dress code. Meanwhile, others praised Jinger for her bold move to dress in such manner.

In fact, for some, she looked good in jeans. Others expressed their joy for Jinger that she is now free to wear whatever she wants. After all, she is already a grown-up woman. Some of her fans are also thankful to Jeremy for supporting her new choice of clothing.

Jinger's decision to wear jeans surprised the "Counting On" fans at first.

But they eventually understood her and even praised her for having the courage to break the Duggar's dress code, which for some is extreme. Jinger is not the typical Duggar child because she makes her own decisions.

For instance, she is the only Duggar who opted to leave Arkansas where she grew up after getting married. In addition, she is the only married Duggar woman who remains without a child or is still not expecting.

Her younger sister, Joy-Anna Duggar, is already pregnant. Meanwhile, her older sisters, Jill and Jessa, have two children already.

Jinger and Jeremy’s first wedding anniversary

Jinger and Jeremy have been married for a year and the couple couldn't help but gush over the past year they shared together. According to Jim Bob and Michelle's daughter, the previous year has been the best year of her life. Jinger was all praises to her husband for his being selfless, sensitive and caring.

On the other hand, Jeremy also gave a tribute to his wife. Just like Jinger, for Jeremy, the previous year has been the best for his entire life. He also described his other half as beautiful, lovable and Christ-like.

What can you say about Jinger and Jeremy’s relationship? Will they start to expand their family soon? Drop a comment below.