Kailyn Lowry is currently taking care of her third son, baby Lo, who was born just three weeks ago. She's now dealing with life as a single mother to three boys, as Chris Lopez had no interest in working out their issues so they could become a family. Kailyn was prepared to be a single mother to her third son, as she announced the news back in February. Back then, Lowry didn't want to talk about the biological father as he didn't want to be involved. Despite being at the hospital when the "Teen Mom 2" star gave birth, it sounded like Lopez wasn't interested in showing up every day, changing a few diapers, or even helping out with future planning.

According to a new report by Hollywood Life, Kailyn Lowry is now concerned about Chris going after her for child support and even custody. Of course, Lowry is no stranger to child support, as she has provided child support for Isaac when Jo Rivera asked for it and was even faced with requests from Javi Marroquin after they divorced. It shouldn't come as a surprise that Chris wants child support too if he's going to be in the child's life.

Protective of son

Since Kailyn Lowry has already revealed that she's ready to care for the child on her own, it seems odd that Chris would come after her for child support. He can just provide emotional support for the child and be the father he was meant to be.

However, if Lopez does get money from Lowry, one has to wonder if he's going to spend it on his son. He has to if he gets custody as well.

“Kailyn is so shocked and disgusted that Chris would even consider trying for custody; it’s unbelievable to her,” a source revealed about Kailyn's situation, revealing, “She truly thinks he would never take things to that level, but just the threat of losing her baby is enough to send her into a tailspin right now.

One can imagine that Lowry is upset at how things are playing out between them. She wanted to get pregnant for herself and found a willing participant. Now it sounds like he may go after his son in court because he feels he could get something from her.

Following in Javi's footsteps

Perhaps Chris Lopez is following in Javi Marroquin's footsteps as he has filed for child support.

Even though Javi has a career with the Air Force and gets money from "Teen Mom 2," he still filed for child support. One has to wonder if Chris Lopez is just trying to get money and fame out of his son, who is just weeks old.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry possibly facing a custody battle over little baby Lo?