Chelsea DeBoer has been filming "Teen Mom 2" since the show began many years ago and she has been gracious enough to open up her life to the public. While Chelsea has received money for her role on the MTV show, she has also been upset about how her storyline has been edited together to create something that wasn't there. Perhaps, MTV producers feel that her life isn't as dramatic as Jenelle Evans or Kailyn Lowry and they want to create something that fans will be talking about. However, it sounds like they crossed the line recently and DeBoer decided to lash out on Twitter after watching Monday's episode of the show.

According to a new set of tweets, Chelsea DeBoer is now revealing that she's not happy about the way things went down between herself and the producers of the show. While filming a scene with a crying Watson and an outspoken Aubree, Chelsea asked her daughter not to do something several times and in the end, she snapped slightly. MTV edited the scene to make it seem like Chelsea was furious with Aubree, only cared about Watson, and then added a conversation about having baby fever. Clearly, DeBoer was being edited to be a mother who had no control over her kids, yet talking about having more.

Aubree not acting out

According to the tweets Chelsea shared recently, Aubree is not acting out the way MTV wants people to think.

As it turns out, DeBoer believed that they filmed some great scenes together and that she has often kept quiet about the way things have been edited together. Last week, DeBoer complained about how she didn't want to discipline her child on television and how the producers kept egging it on. This week, she's being edited to look like a mean mom.

Chelsea DeBoer is Heartbroken over the editing because she feels that Aubree will see the footage and think that this is truly how things were in the home when everything had been edited for drama.

It sounds like Chelsea has no interest in continuing with the show if happy moments are being edited into false scenes.

Sick of filming

On Twitter, Chelsea revealed that she was tired of filming happy things that are then edited to look bad. She is tired of always sharing her life and then getting a bad reputation out of it. She wanted nothing more than to share her life with the world. But it sounds like she's not on board next season if MTV continues to change the way things are filmed.

Do you understand why Chelsea DeBoer is so upset with the MTV crew?