It's been over eight years since Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar had a son walked down the aisle. In the past years, four of their daughters, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna got married, but it took almost a decade for the family to find their second groom. Joseph Duggar is the second gentleman to tie the knot in the "19 Kids and Counting" clan. His wedding ceremony was both surprising and emotional. So, what did happen on Joseph and Kendra Caldwell's wedding? Have you watched it on "Counting On"?

Power shutdown during the wedding

The Duggar family has reunited again to support Joseph's wedding despite the rumors claiming that Kendra dated another Duggar before.

A former employer of the family revealed that Kendra dated Jedidiah before she and Joseph announced that they were courting.

The insider added that Joseph "bumped [Jedidiah] out" during the early stages of his younger brother's courtship with Kendra. Eventually, Jedidiah decided to gave up his girl for his older brother. Jedidiah wrote a letter to Joseph informing him that it was fine for him that he court Kendra.

Joseph and Kendra started dating and they eventually got married. On their wedding day, there was a sudden power outage, The Hollywood Gossip reported. The newlyweds Joseph and Kendra were already preparing to exit the chapel when the power outage suddenly occurred. There was a moment of silence.

But Joseph and Kendra did not allow it to spoil their day. They ran down the aisle arm-in-arm as the Duggar family adjusts with the unexpected hurdle.

According to Jana Duggar, the power went out, so they tried to light everything with candles. Jim Bob and Michelle's eldest daughter added that they had already prepared the food and everything was set out.

Meanwhile, Jedidiah felt that the power shut down didn't take the smiles on everyone's faces. He believed that everyone was still having a good time. Then, the power returned.

Jim Bob and Michelle’s words for Joseph

Jim Bob and Michelle didn’t miss to share relationship tips for the newlyweds. When Michelle spoke, she reminded Joseph, how she and Jim Bob maintained their happy marriage.

She advised Joseph to make peace with Kendra before the day ends. He should also cherish his wife and treat her with the utmost respect. Michelle also encouraged the bride and the groom to speak kind words to each other, OK! Magazine reported.

Meanwhile, when Jim Bob took the microphone, he reminded his son of his tendency to be a man of few words. While it is okay, the Duggar patriarch encouraged Joseph to praise and thank Kendra every day. Jim Bob added that he should communicate with his wife and tell her how much he loves and cherishes her.

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