Season 1 of 'Riverdale' left fans all over the world amazed, shocked, and most importantly, in need of much more. One of the most important features we were lucky to witness was Bughead, one of the sweetest couples to ever grace Netflix and television in general.

Seeing their journey as that match made in heaven became partners, that were always there for each other, was one of the best plots of the entire first season. At the beginning, the fans were doubting whether they wanted Betty to be with Archie or Jughead, but after Jughead told Elizabeth he loved her, the fandom basically melted.

As the 22 episode season is coming up on October 11, we cannot help but be afraid for what the future has in store, for that power couple.

What does Lili Reinhart have to say?

In one of her recent interviews, Lily Reinhart stated what we should expect in Season 2 from Betty and Bughead. According to her, we will witness again the "Dark Betty". All that darkness, anxiety, and worried thoughts, that she buried underground in the first season (only revealing bits and pieces to Jughead), will finally come to the surface.

Her whole life Betty was used to concealing her real feelings, at the point to which she did not know how to handle them anymore. In the second season, she will be the center of the mystery and will be left in a pit of emotional despair and lost.

The fans will found out the roots of Betty's depression and self-harm. Lili Reinhart warned the fans to be prepared with tissues. Lili Reinhart also commented on Bughead. The love for that ship has grown even more during the summer and so has the impatience to find out what will happen in the second season.

According to Lily, it is amazing that so many fans care deeply about these two fictional characters, and she sincerely wants for them to work things out.

She also went on to state that she and Cole Sprouse do want for the coupe to exist for as long as they make sense together. She hopes that those two love birds will make things work, but a lot of turbulence is heading their way.

Cole Sprouse's comments

With Jughead moving to a new school and him becoming more and more involved with the serpents, there is trouble ahead.

It was seen even in the finale, that Jughead putting on the Serpents' signature jacket, was followed by a worried and surprised look by Betty. Furthermore, Vanessa Morgan has been cast to play Toni Topez, a love interest for Jughead in the comics, but also a trouble maker that does not go by the rules. However, Cole mentioned that Betty is a fighter, and she will not let go of Jughead that easily. She will stir up some waters, but we still have to patiently wait and see, if there will be a Bughead in the end of season 2.