5 cities where tourists out-number the locals.

Vatican City, Italy - [Image via Fiona Dhamo]
Vatican City, Italy - [Image via Fiona Dhamo]

If you thought your city was crowded, then you are about to discover a new meaning to the word crowded.

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You enter a bar to get a drink, and you see an Italian, French, and German, all waiting in line – this is not a joke, but an everyday situation for residents that live in cities where there are more tourists than locals. It might sound bizarre to imagine a city with more tourists than people who call it home, but some of the most visited places are kind of small, and according to locals’ perspective: really crowded.


Vatican City, Italy

Vatican City is visited by more than five million people annually. Only 842 people live within the city, giving it a ratio of 6,000 tourists per resident.


Kotor, Montenegro

The city sees two million tourists each year, but only 962 citizens live within the city – giving it a ratio of 2,000 tourists per resident.

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