5 cities where tourists out-number the locals.

If you thought your city was crowded, then you are about to discover a new meaning to the word crowded.


You enter a bar to get a drink, and you see an Italian, French, and German, all waiting in line – this is not a joke, but an everyday situation for residents that live in cities where there are more tourists than locals. It might sound bizarre to imagine a city with more tourists than people who call it home, but some of the most visited places are kind of small, and according to locals’ perspective: really crowded.


Vatican City, Italy

Vatican City is visited by more than five million people annually. Only 842 people live within the city, giving it a ratio of 6,000 tourists per resident.


Kotor, Montenegro

The city sees two million tourists each year, but only 962 citizens live within the city – giving it a ratio of 2,000 tourists per resident.


San Marino

San Marino is a micro-state, and it is one of the world’s oldest republics. The city is famous for being on the top of a mountain. Despite the city’s inability to house a lot of tourists, the ratio of tourists to locals is astoundingly 445 to 1.


Venice, Italy

Venice, one of the most remarkable cities of the world, is made of 118 islands. It sees 20 million tourists a year, but Venice houses 270,000 people; giving the city a ratio of 74 tourists per resident.


Palma De Mallorca, Spain

Palma de Mallorca is a city built upon tourism. It is famous for its sporting events, cathedrals, and the well-protected old city. With only 400,000 residents, there are 23 tourists per local.

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