Season 2 of "Riverdale" is due to return in October 2017. A trailer will be released closer to the time of the second season's premiere. Series regulars KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart and Cami Mendes are all returning for season 2. Season 1 of the popular show can be found on Netflix in its entirety.

Season 2 is set to be darker

Aguirre-Sacasa has teased that the second season of "Riverdale" is set to be much darker than the first. The show will reveal a darker side to its characters, especially Archie as he deals with the aftermath of his father's shooting.

Season 2 is also set to feature Betty Coppers struggles with mental health and will include scenes in which she goes to therapy. The tone for the second season is going to be a big change from season 1 and fans cannot wait for the series return this October.

Two new additions have been made to the cast. Charles Melson has been cast as a replacement for the character of Reggie after Ross Butler made the decision to remain with "13 Reasons Why". Melson's addition to the cast has been celebrated by fans. Mark Consuelos has also joined the cast set to play Veronica's dad, Hiram Lodge. It will certainly be interesting to see the dynamic between the Lodge family with Veronica's father returning from prison.

Is Fred going to die?

Creators of the "Riverdale" TV series have teased fans with the release of the name of episode one. Season 2 is set to premiere with the episode titled "A Kiss Before Dying". Fans of the show will know that in the season 1 finale Archie's dad Fred was shot in the diner. Season 1 ended there leaving fans with the burning question, is Fred going to survive?

A photo of the cast at a season 2 table read was released and Luke Perry, who plays Fred, was nowhere to be seen.

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has also teased that the Fred story line is going to be similar to the Batman origin story. As Jughead's narration said, the shooting was no random accident. This could, of course, mean that the character of Fred is going to die in order for Archie to develop in the darker season of the show.

Fans are dying to know why he was shot and who did it? After solving the murder of Jason Blossom in season 1, the shooting is to be the new mystery the gang has to solve. However, the real question is, will they be solving another murder?

Season 2 of "Riverdale" will be returning sooner than fans expected superseding the release of "Stranger Things" second season. With filming having already begun, fans are delighted at the prospect of the show returning this October.