The popular Archie comics has been reinvented into a live-action series and has hooked a lot of viewers with its thrilling scenes and dark twist. The CW brings to life the same characters from the comics but adds a deep, dark secret that puts a gloomy, morbid cloud in Riverdale. Archie, Veronica, Betty and Jughead are just some of the main characters who are intertwined in a dark secret and the gang are still baffled on who killed Jason Blossom, the twin brother of one of Riverdale's most popular girls, Cheryl Blossom. Intriguing secrets and shocking controversies envelop each character and some viewers even compare The CW's series to "Pretty Little Liars."

Now that season 1 is over, fans are excitedly waiting for "Riverdale" Season 2.

Season 1 pretty much revolved on who killed Jason and the search for the killer inadvertently reveals some secrets from different characters. The season may have ended with an answer for Jason Blossom's murder but another mystery has been unraveled in the form of who shot Fred Allen?

2018 air date for 'Riverdale' season 2

As of writing, the network has yet to release a specific air date for "Riverdale" season 2. However, the network has already confirmed that it will be returning for another season.

One of the series' cast member, Ross Butler, also took to social media how excited he is that they're going to be working again for another season. According to reports, the cast and crew are already in the pre-production stage and season 2 is targeted to be ready by 2018.

A darker 'Riverdale'

If you thought the first season was dark and twisted, watch out for season 2 because spoilers reveal that the plot is about to get a whole lot darker and complicated. Just like "Pretty Little Liars," every character seems to be a suspect and the viewers are always kept on the edge of their seat trying to guess or theorize who really killed Jason Blossom.

Now that it has been solved, more mysteries seemed to have come out of the closet, one of which is linked to Fred Allen's shooting. One of "Riverdale's" executive producer, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, revealed that Archie is all set to turn to the dark side in season 2. The sweet and wholesome character from the comics is reportedly all set to take vengeance and will have no second thoughts about using violence as his weapon.

Meanwhile, the love triangle of Betty, Archie and Veronica seems to still be a pivotal part in the live-action series as it was in the comics. "Riverdale" season 2 is expected to test the friendship of Betty and Veronica as Archie tries to choose between the two.