When it was announced that Eminem’s new album was on the way to radio later this year, some fans were already raiding the comment section of his Instagram account asking exactly when he will release the new album and many hoping that this will become another hit, eclipsing even his previous records.

Eminem may have some detractors online who disliked his last album, “The Marshall Mathers LP 2,” but the “Real Slim Shady” rapper still received two huge music awards from it. One from the Billboard Music Awards and another from the Grammys. Eminem’s new album is expected to be out sometime before the year ends and we will not be surprised if it earns a nomination next year.

Eminem works with Dr. Dre, 2 Chainz and more

According to reports, Eminem already collaborated with 2 Chainz for one track. There was also speculation that Dr. Dre will be part of the new album’s production. It has been quite a while since these two had sleepless nights, brainstorming lyrics that will rhyme with spaghetti and it will be refreshing if they collaborate once more after the release of "The Defiant Ones" on HBO which featured the beginning of the careers of many rappers, the relationship of Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine and some exclusive clips featuring the start of Eminem’s relationship with Dre.

Although the “Mockingbird” rapper is not that open when it comes to spoiling his fans with what is to come, it is great to know that he is using social media to at least give subtle hints.

The latest post from his Instagram account was about Camp Shady Summer 17 with his head photoshopped over some guy’s body playing guitar with a bonfire nearby (It is definitely not Em).

Eminem sells more merchandise

So what is the Instagram post about? It is for his new merchandise line which is now open for business. Six limited release items are up for grabs: a trucker hat, water holder (canteen in green), shirts, mug and bandana that features some cool camp shady art.

Eminem also announced that there would be more merchandise coming soon.

Hopefully, this announcement could also include something about what the new record will be about. But we have never seen Shady playing guitar near a bonfire yet so, speculations are on hold for now.

Eminem’s new album will be something that fans and critics will have a lot to talk about but the man has been creating such straight-to-the-point records for a long time and I do not think he is someone who gets rusty easily.