"Big Brother 19" has been rather slow this season. In the beginning, there were some things that shook up the house, but since then, things have been rather tame. This past week has been rather predictable, with Cody Nickson being the one who everyone assumes is going home. With the nominations being Matt, Cody, and Elena going into the Double eviction, anything was possible. The night started off with 11 players in the house with only five weeks left in the game. After Elena went back on her word, things shifted in the house.

First evicted houseguest

Alex being "Head of Household" (HOH) leaves things up in the air. Everything that has happened since the "Power of Veto" (POV) was used could surprise "Big Brother 19" viewers tonight. Cody Nickson is who the majority of the house wants out, but Alex has an ax to grind with Elena now. The jury house will begin tonight, which means that the two evicted houseguests will have to live with one another for a week without the rest of the house. As it turns out, Cody was still the first one evicted on the "Big Brother 19" double eviction night by a vote of 7-0-0. It was apparent that the audience still has love for him as the cheers were louder this time than they were the first time he was evicted.

Julie Chen talked to Cody, and he admitted that he would indeed marry Jessica Graf. That was the most interesting part of the first half of "Big Brother 19" tonight.

The full week of "Big Brother" was played tonight. With the competitions being shortened, there was no time to waste. Jason won the HOH competition by beating out Christmas who threw it to him.

He nominated Mark and Elena. The POV was played, and Mark was able to win it. This means that "Marlena" (Mark and Elena) will officially be split up tonight. Mark saved himself, and Matt was nominated alongside Elena. By a vote of 6-1, Elena was evicted.

The 'Big Brother' house going forward

Now that both Cody and Elena have been evicted, there are only nine players left in the house.

Things are starting to get real, and the remaining players are going to have to draw the lines in the sand. There has been a lot of talk about Christmas floating her way through, and if the group was smart, they would drop her before the finals. She helped Jason win the HOH competition because had it been anyone else against her at the end, she would have kept it for herself. She knew she would be safe, and now, no blood on her hands. Things are going to start getting shady going forward, and the "Big Brother 19" players won't even know how to handle it.