"Big Brother 19" has been wild. The houseguests have not even been locked in the house for a month, and the drama has been out of control. Josh Martinez has been involved in several of the more notable incidents. He has been accused of peeping in the shower, he went off at the very beginning about people be out to get him, and most recently, he was in a confrontation with Mark Jansen.

Josh as next HOH

The new HOH (Head of Household) will be crowned shortly, and an unlikely choice has come about. Josh Martinez is being thrown around for the next guy to have the job.

Alex and her crew have decided that him winning would be the best case scenario for them. According to Joker's Updates, Josh said he would put up Elena and Matt. Martinez also mentioned Mark's name but that was been withdrawn as he decided not to take their confrontation out on him for game play. If he does win and nominates Elena and Matt, another showmance would be broken up.

The Battle Back competition could allow Cody Nickson back in the house, reuniting him with Jessica Graf. This would mean that two showmances were still in the running for the prize, giving them the advantage as two play as one. The scenarios are endless and as the end of the week approaches and the power is handed over, "Big Brother" fans are unsure where things are headed.

Josh Martinez as an HOH would be interesting, but would it be practical? He is a loose cannon and who knows what he could blow up while in power.

Where do the other houseguests fall?

Right now, there is chaos in the house about how they are going to proceed. Everyone has a plan, but no one knows how the cards will fall. Alex is sure she wants Josh to win because she trusts he will keep her safe.

If he wants to make big moves, she is going to let him. This is Paul's last week for safety, and he could be the biggest target out there. It is anyone's guess how things are going to go, especially if Cody Nickson wins the Battle Back.

This season of "Big Brother" has been one of the most outrageous. With all of the chaos and the antics done by the houseguests, there is no telling who is going to take home the prize.

The fan favorite is also a huge discussion, one that has varying answers depending on who you ask. Many as assuming Paul will get that because he is the vet, but social media has been showing Kevin as a favorite along with Raven. The next two days are going to shake up the house, and fans are waiting to see how the cards will fall.