Peter Kraus and the next "Bachelor" drama is reaching a new level not seen before in the history of the show. "Bachelorette" Rachel Lindsay's runner-up is on many fans' minds to be the 2018 lead, but the outlook for Peter being pegged as the one ABC picks is uncertain at best. There's suspicion that "Bachelor" producer Mike Fleiss created some intentional drama when he posted a cryptic tweet on Thursday. People magazine ran a report elaborating on the tweet, and Reality Steve argued over what the premise of the article was about.

The tweet that started it all

Mike Fleiss' tweet generated a wave of attention when he wrote this on Thursday:

Fans instantly chimed in, guessing that it was Peter Kraus that Fleiss was referring to.

People confirms rumor

An article in People magazine supported the notion when a source revealed that it was indeed Peter being tweeted about.

“Peter is every Bachelor producer’s worst nightmare: the perfect guy who cannot be coerced into proposing at the end,” the source spilled to the magazine.

The insider continued that no one could convince Peter Kraus to propose to Rachel.

He wasn't willing to "play along" and it didn't go over well with head honchos of the show. Fleiss was especially enraged with Peter over this, with the source saying that Rachel's runner-up is "totally on their s— list forever." As a consequence, there's "no way" producers will announce him as the next "Bachelor" for 2018.

People's source concluded by saying that higher-ups were afraid that if they made Peter the next "Bachelor" that he'd be another disaster lead like Brad Womack or Juan Pablo Galavis.

Reality Steve speaks out

Reality Steve tweeted his thoughts immediately after the report was published. He's certain that Peter was ABC's hope for the next "Bachelor" gig. He wrote that because Peter up and rejected the offer, ABC is doing damage control by making fans think it was their idea not to have him as the 2018 lead.

"They absolutely want Peter as the 'Bachelor.' Hearing he told them no. Now they're leaking stuff to People," Steve tweeted.

"The Bachelor" spoilers extraordinaire continued in a second tweet that ABC is "pretending they never wanted him in first place," but it's a load of "BS" because "they want him." Since Peter "said no," they're trying to "turn the narrative around."

Are show-runners behind "The Bachelor" scurrying for damage control since Peter isn't interested in being the next lead?

If Peter did reject the offer, why did Fleiss post such a cryptic tweet and why did a source have to come out and paint such a negative picture of Peter? Was there a falling out of some kind? Is what Reality Steve said true?

"The Bachelor" 2018 pick won't be announced until after "Bachelor in Paradise" season 4 is over. Show executives want to wait things out and see if the viewing audience develops a desire to see one of the contestants chosen for next season.

Are you still hoping Peter Kraus will somehow be the next "Bachelor"?