"Big Brother 19" has become very predictable this season. Paul is pulling the strings, yet everyone seems to think they are making game changing moves. He is outplaying them all and convincing them they are going to win over him in the end. What a great strategy and they are all falling for it.

The following contains a recap of the live eviction on August 24th as well as spoilers for "Big Brother 19." Don't continue to read if you don't want to know.

Tonight was a follow up to the heartwarming announcement of Jason's and his wife's pregnancy. "Big Brother 19" fans got to see Holly as she watched his reaction when he read the HOH letter.

His reaction was worth the wait to the expectant mother. Holly also weighed in on his alliance with Alex. She feels that Alex and she have a lot in common and she is feisty enough to keep him in line. Holly just wants her Rodeo Clown home, and it is a major bonus if he is $500,000 richer.

The classiest exit of the season.

With Christmas as the outgoing HOH, her nominees were Matt and Mark. All the campaigning ended in disappointment for him as his game of "Big Brother 19" came to an end. The vote to evict was four to two. As fans have come to expect from Mark, his exit was nothing but easy-going and classy. In his exit interview with Julie Chen, he discussed how Cody had influenced his game, his relationship with Elena, and his friendship with Josh.

Julie suggested that Mark and Josh team u for the "Amazing Race."

For the Head Of Household competition, the houseguests gathered in the backyard for an endurance competition. The game tonight was 'Everyone's A Weiner.' The goal was to remain in the hot dog bun, no matter what. Of course, this is "Big Brother 19" and this can't be easy.

The houseguests held on as the grounds keeper sprayed water at them before the condiments. As the show ended, it seemed that Alex and Josh were being pounded with mustard and ketchup a little more than the others.

And we have a new HOH!

According to "Joker's Updates", Kevin was down first, with Matt as a close second. Josh became the third houseguest to join the sidelines when he fell out of his bun.

As Raven became shaky in the competition, she counted on sympathy from her "Big Brother 19" housemates. She told them that if she doesn't get a letter from her mom, she may not hear from her until October. Paul yelled at "Big Brother" several times about the tough positions they kept being put in. They are all still sore from the 'Slip 'N Slide' competition. Raven fell and Paul was down immediately. With Alex and Jason as the final two in the battle for HOH, the competition went into overdrive. Jason told Alex to jump and she made it clear she wanted her third HOH win. In the end, Jason promised her safety for the week, to pick her to play the Veto Competition and give her his Jury vote. Alex dropped from her bun, making Jason, who was struggling, the new Head of Household.