"Alaskan Bush People" fans have had a hard time keeping up with the Browns over the last few months. After the show ended, there were only a few interviews with family members and no updates from the Discovery channel. Rain, the youngest daughter, has often been the only source of information from the family.

There has been a lot of speculation regarding when the filming of Season 8 would begin. The family had said they would focus on Ami's health before continuing. Recent reports state that the 54-year-old mother of seven is undergoing her second round of chemotherapy and it isn't going well.

The treatment is difficult and is making Ami very ill.

Where were they seen?

While the "Alaskan Bush People" has not made an announcement regarding the filming of Season 8, it seems they may be moving in that direction. According to "Monsters and Critics," the family has been spotted in Arizona, which is on the way from California to Colorado, where they have decided to make a new Brown Town. The picture was taken in Ash Fork, Arizona, and everyone was in the picture except Ami, Bam Bam, and Noah.

Bam Bam had previously left "Alaskan Bush People" to pursue love with former producer, Allison Kagan. Fans will remember that Noah made the announcement on the season finale, that he didn't plan to move to Colorado with the rest of the Wolfpack.

Recently he announced his engagement to Rhain Merrill. The two would not be involved with the taping of Season 8 and neither would Ami.

Rain Brown posted a picture on her Instagram account of herself posing next to a statue of an elk. She is wearing the same outfit as in the picture that was taken with her family in Arizona.

Is Ami Brown with them?

It isn't known if Ami Brown is traveling with the family. She has not been pictured, and all reports lead one to believe she is in very poor health. In her last interview with "People Magazine," Ami said that she had been given less than a three percent chance of survival with her diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer.

There are many questions regarding the Brown Family and the future of "Alaskan Bush People." No official announcement has been made on when filming will actually start. Many fans are wondering how the family could be on the move without Ami, while another group is convinced she is too ill to travel and is in California still undergoing treatment.

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