Earlier this year "Alaskan Bush People" matriarch Ami Brown was diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer. From there the news only got worse as she underwent rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, only to have her cancer progress to a stage 4 diagnosis.

There hasn't been much in the way of official word from "Alaskan Bush People" or the Discovery Channel. Some of the children have been active on social media, such as Rain, and have shared tidbits with fans. The bulk of updates, however, comes from Facebook groups like "Alaskan Bush People Exposed." There is once again an unfavorable

Where are the two brothers?

According to "In Touch Weekly," both Bam Bam and Noah have left their mother Ami, and have gone to other states.

With Ami resting at home, weakened by the treatments she has received, and expected to pass away at any time, Bam Bam has been seen in Colorado and Noah in Montana with his fiance, Rhain.

The response that fans have had to this news in the Facebook group has not been positive. Many of the members have posted comments telling the boys they are wrong for leaving their dying mother for any reason. They are also calling them out because a family that is as close as the Browns have led people to believe would never be separated at such a terrible time. Another group of the members is pondering the possibility of Ami's cancer being fake as well as the show. They don't understand how anyone could leave someone that is truly that ill in what could be their final days.

Bam Bam had already left the show prior to the announcement of Ami's cancer. He left to pursue love with his girlfriend, Allison Kagan, who was once a producer on the show. When he found out his mother was ill, he joined the rest of The Wolfpack in California while she underwent treatment. As for Noah, he has said he will be leaving the show if there is a Season 8.

Noah and Rain plan to marry and start a life of their own.

No official word

The Brown family and Discovery Channel both continue to keep silent on the comings and goings of the family members and Ami's health. They understandably want privacy at such a critical time for their family. The downside to that, however, is the assumptions that come along with the news of what they are up to.

Fans don't know why the two sons have chosen to be in different states when Ami is so vulnerable, but it could be on a mission for the family. We simply don't know because there has been no official word.

Would you like to see a statement from the Brown family of "Alaskan Bush People" or the Discovery Channel? Do you think privacy can be expected by someone who puts their life on TV for entertainment purposes? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.