"Big Brother 19" fans have had some strange situations in the game this summer. It is the kind of trainwreck that you can't turn away from. No matter how predictable it gets, everyone needs to know what is coming next.

The following will contain spoilers for "Big Brother 19." If you don't want to know, now is the time to stop reading.

When Paul won his first HOH, his mom was the one that had written him a letter. When he read the letter out loud to this housemates, it left several questions for fans although the "Big Brother 19" cast never mentioned a concern.

In the letter, Momma Abrahamian had mentioned all the dogs with a status update. When looked at, they seemed to be messages about the various houseguests. She had said his dog King had visited the vet recently, and she had been told he was old but alert so she should keep an eye on him. Fans immediately thought of Kevin. Was Momma trying to warn her son about Kevin and tell him to keep an eye out for the stay-at-home-dad?

So how old is King?

This morning "Joker's Updates" reported that Paul was discussing two of his dogs -- Hades and King. He said that King is four-years-old. Even in dog years, King wouldn't be classified as old. And remember that when Paul had read that part of the letter, he had seemed confused.

Apparently, Momma Abrahamian's efforts to help her son only confused him.

At the time of the incident, fans took to social media to weigh in on Mom's hints. Many believed the letter was so generic that there was no way it could be called coded. Others felt that she had tried but missed the mark. Evel Dick had even weighed in, assuring everyone it is possible to get a coded letter during an HOH because he had gotten one himself.

Looks 'gumpy' for Paul

Considering how the "Big Brother 19" season is going, a lot of people have been claiming that Paul has been given an unfair advantage in the game. He got the Pendant of Protection for three weeks just in time for Cody to target him. That gave him enough time to get the "Big Brother 19" houseguests under his influence and in line to execute his plans.

There have been a lot of claims of production interfering with the game this season as well, though this can't be confirmed. Now with King's age not matching what Momma said in the HOH letter, those that are anti-Team Paul have that much more ammunition to use. While lies and manipulation is part of the game, there should be no influence from outside the doors of the "Big Brother 19" house.