"Big Brother 19" fans have always enjoyed the HOH room reveal. This season they haven't shown it each week as they did in previous seasons. Not a problem with things like the live feeds and the various sites that relay things when they happen.

If you don't want to know who got what surprise, stop reading now. Chances are good this one will be on the show.

"Big Brother 19" fans tuned in this past Thursday for a double eviction. After Cody was evicted, a full week was played in only a few minutes. Jason Dent had won that Head Of Household. His reign was short-lived, however.

When the night ended, the house was ready for a new Head of Household to take the reins.

But what fans haven't been shown...

Jason Dent was later given his HOH basket. That is what most of the houseguests say they are fighting for is to get a letter and see pictures. Jason's win came at a great time. About a week ago, he was crying while talking about his family. Jason needed a letter from his wife and to see some pictures to help him focus again.

The rodeo clown obviously has a good sense of humor. He is easy-going and laughs a lot. When he got the letter from Holly, Jason had to be wondering if he was being punk'd. Though the live feeds have not yet shared a video, "Big Brother 19" production should be airing it on the show.

Jason will be going down in BB history for being the first houseguest to learn that he was an expectant father while in the house.

Another "Big Brother" first this season

"Big Brother 19" fans are taking to social media to congratulate Jason and Holly. News of a baby is always exciting, but it has to be hard on Jason not being able to hug his wife and talk about things.

Jason's beautiful wife is a wedding dress model and has been for about ten years. She does a lot of traveling during wedding season putting on shows. It sounds as though she may be a little too busy to make the next season, however. Holly may spend the extra time in her own salon, where she is a cosmetologist.

Jason and Holly were married in 2005.

Their son will be three-years-old in March. With news of another baby on the way, Jason has extra incentive to fight for the "Big Brother 19" grand prize of $500,000. That is enough money to change the way his children will be raised and how hard he and his wife have to work. They stay busy between his schedule with the rodeo and hers as a business owner and successful model.

What do you think of Jason learning about the pregnancy in his HOH basket? Do you think "Big Brother 19" will show fans the clip with his reaction? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.