The Big Brother 19” spoilers from late Thursday (Aug. 24) are highlighted by who won the HOH Competition. The power was on the line again in the “BB19” house, with only eight houseguests left competing for the $500,000 prize. It also meant that this Head Of Household would be a really important one for one of the seven competitors to win.

Earlier in the night, the plan of Christmas Abbott had been carried out, with Mark Jansen getting evicted from the “BB19” house. Paul Abrahamian, Raven Walton, Josh Martinez, Matt Clines, Alex Ow, Jason Dent, and Kevin Schlehuber were all ready to compete in the endurance competition, with Christmas Abbott ineligible to compete.

Christmas was the outgoing HOH and she likely wouldn’t be medically cleared to participate anyway.

Who won the HOH tonight?

Kevin Schlehuber fell first, followed by Matt Clines and Josh Martinez. Paul Abrahamian and Raven Walton then fell at the same time, roughly an hour into the competition. That left just Jason Dent and Alex Ow competing to become the Week 8 Head of Household. A lot of negotiating was taking place, first with Raven trying to convince everyone to drop and then with Jason and Alex arguing about who should drop first.

As for the important “Big Brother 19” spoilers from the evening, Jason Dent won the Head of Household Competition when Alex Ow quit. The duo is already working together and one of the stronger alliances in the “BB19” house, so it wasn’t that surprising that they would agree to a deal.

Jason agreed to allow Alex to play for the Power of Veto and told her she would get his jury vote for sure.

What happens next in ‘BB19’ house?

Jason Dent now has to come up with two nominees for eviction. Those next “Big Brother 19” spoilers will get revealed early on Friday (Aug. 25), as that is typically when the Nomination Ceremony takes place each week.

There will be some debate with his alliance members about who should go up on the block, but there are a number of people who are likely to become a primary target.

The big task in front of them is for Jason Dent and Alex Ow to figure out a way to remove Paul Abrahamian from being the favorite to win the summer 2017 season.

Everything is lined up for him to win the $500,000 prize unless someone makes the bold move to take him out. Will Jason target someone easy like Matt Clines or Kevin Schlehuber? Or could the next installment of “Big Brother 19” spoilers reveal a bold game move?