Big Brother 19” has been a train wreck. There is no way to explain just how awful this season has been. Aside from the self-eviction and the broken foot, there have been numerous uneventful evictions. Jason Dent has proven just how dangerous he is as a competitor. With two HOHs (Head of Household) under his belt, he got a little bit cocky. This week has been less boring, but it has showed the live feeders just how awful some of the houseguests really are.

Jason went too far

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jason Dent threatened to rape Kevin Schlehuber's wife while his daughters watched.

It was clear that he wasn't actually making a legitimate threat but the mere fact that he joked and laughed about it was enough to set social media on fire. “Big Brother 19” viewers have been calling for Dent's expulsion from the game. Schlehuber was not happy about what the HOH said about his family at all. There is a long-running joke that Kevin is an undercover mob man, and when he got heated over the comments, it was definitely something that crossed fans' mind.

Another disturbing thing about the rape comments Jason Dent made revolved around Alex Ow and her reaction. She was laughing hard as Dent was saying these things to Kevin Schlehuber. This was incredibly surprising because earlier this summer, she shut down talk similar to this because someone she is close to was raped.

So now that they are in the home stretch of the game the talk is okay? Or is it justifiable to her now because she hates Kevin? Whatever the reason, it is definitely not something that viewers are okay with.

'Big Brother 19' scandal could be huge

For a while, it seemed like several seasons of “Big Brother” were getting recognized for the wrong reasons.

This year had been slow at the beginning with not many big moves being made, but fans had no idea that things would get this intense in the house this week. Jason Dent really tested some boundaries within the house and now, the lines are drawn in the sand. If viewers are anywhere close to as upset as they were with Aaryn Gries and GinaMarie Zimmerman when they were on “Big Brother,” things could be difficult when Dent leaves the house.

This all happened on Monday night on the live feeds, and likely won't be shown on tonight's show in full. “Big Brother” fans are hoping that some of what happened is chronicled, especially because Jason Dent is catching a lot of heat on the outside and fans want to see if CBS tries to do damage control.