A fired hospital staff member resurfaced to make an appeal on her immediate termination from the hospital she had worked with for ten years on allegations of accessing Justin Bieber's medical records. According to TMZ, the Canadian singer visited the emergency room of Northwell Health in Long Island to have his swollen testicle checked back in May.

Staffer loses job for allegedly checking Bieber's records

Reports stated that the artist sustained the painful injury during a soccer match. Justin Bieber, who twisted one of his spermatic cords, was prompted to see the doctor for further checking.

His admission, however, led to the termination of a hospital staffer who was accused of peaking at the singer's medical records without the approval from the higher-ups.

The accused, named Kelly Lombardo, allegedly checked Justin Bieber's medical records after she was told that the singer was admitted to receive treatment for a sexually transmitted disease (STD). The staffer was immediately fired from her job for violating the privacy of the patient.

She was even labeled an "immoral employee" in the termination lawsuit submitted by the hospital. "She was told, 'You are a young female, you're not curious about what he was doing in the ER?' And they fired her," attorney. David H. Rosenberg said.

"My client was a moral employee who had respect for patient privacy and never accessed Justin Bieber's file."

The lawyer emphasized that Kelly Lombardo did not believe the information about Justin Bieber's alleged STD case. He went on the explain that his client was "emotionally distressed" when she was fired from the hospital without due process.

Bieber denies STD rumors

Meanwhile, multiple sources close to the "Love Yourself" singer denied that he got admitted to get treatment for an STD. They explained that Justin Bieber thought he had testicular torsion after he sustained a soccer injury. Doctors found nothing series and advised the artist that his genital was just swollen.

This news came after Justin Bieber's nude photos landed on Selena Gomez's Instagram account. Apparently, the "Fetish" singer's social media account was invaded by some unknown hackers that uploaded her ex-boyfriend's explicit pictures from his Bora Bora trip in 2015.

The post earned over 30,000 likes before the account was temporarily closed from her 125 million followers. Selena Gomez did not make a comment on the hacking incident but her Instagram profile is now open to the public.