Big Brother 19” spoilers from early Wednesday morning (August 30) shine some more negative light on the show. “BB19” cast member Matt Clines has been shirking the rules in the house and fans are starting to get really frustrated with it. Among the complaints on social media is that the production team isn't doing enough to enforce the rules of the reality competition show, allowing anarchy to reign in the “Big Brother” house.

Jason Dent became the Head of Household again and nominated Matt Clines and Raven Walton for eviction. Jason then won the Power of Veto but decided not to use it at the Week 9 Veto Ceremony.

This enraged Matt and Raven, who had been under the spell of the rest of the house, convinced that one of them would be saved so that Jason could backdoor Kevin Schlehuber. Instead, Jason took steps to protect Kevin from the block.

What is happening inside the ‘BB19’ house?

Recent “Big Brother 19” spoilers, which will finally get revealed to CBS viewers during the Wednesday night episode, set off a chain of events geared toward Matt forcing the rest of the “BB19” house to evict him on Thursday night (August 31). By now, everyone paying attention the CBS live feeds knows that Matt received a penalty vote against him for eating regular food by being a Have Not for the week.

Matt didn't stop there, though, as he has violated nearly every possible rule associated with being a Have Not in the “BB19” house.

This includes taking hot showers, eating basically anything he wants, and sleeping in a regular bed with showmance partner Raven Walton. Production has issued him quite a few verbal warnings, but as previous “Big Brother 19” spoilers have indicated from site fan site Joker’s Updates, he doesn't appear to care about any of the house rules.

Will production do something due to fan outrage?

Something similar to this has happened in the past when “Big Brother 11” cast member Chima Simone decided that she was going to stop following the rules. Her frustrations came when one of her friends (Jessie Godderz) got put on the block during a twist that season. In addition to her refusal to comply with the rules, she tossed her microphone pack in the hot tub.

This led to her expulsion from the game.

Could Matt Clines get expelled from the “BB19” cast? Fans are clamoring for it on social media and making quite a few posts about how inconsistent the production team has become. Why is Matt allowed to continuously break the rules and get paid while doing it? There is a definite push by fans of the show to have him expelled and remove any opportunity of Matt Clines being on the “BB19” jury. Will production take a stand? Or will “Big Brother 19” spoilers simply continue to relay the preferential treatment he is receiving?