Amy Roloff's daughter-in-law Audrey is about ready to have her first baby with husband Jeremy, but it turns out that Amy is now out of town on a trip with her boyfriend. This is a very odd time for her to leave and everyone is wondering what made her decide to do it at this time. In Touch Weekly shared the details about what is going on. This will be Amy Roloff's second grandchild and her daughter Molly just got married.

Where did Amy go?

Amy headed off on a big cross country trip with her boyfriend Chris Marek. These two seem like they are pretty serious.

They are going on a road trip that will go across Oregon, Washington, and Canada. Audrey Roloff is actually due on September 1, which means that she could have her baby any day. A source shared that Matt sees it as odd that Amy would skip town at this time and maybe not be there when the baby is born.

As of right now, Amy Roloff isn't saying why she decided to leave town at this time. It is something that everyone sees as odd, but she isn't defending her decision. The fans would really like to hear her side of it, though.

The fans of "Little People, Big World" do know that Audrey wasn't very happy when Amy and Matt decided to get a divorce, but that was just what happened. These two are still getting along somewhat, but of course, things aren't perfect.

They have both moved on to new relationships. Matt even recently met Amy's new boyfriend and they got along just fine. They were all at Molly's big wedding when it happened.

Audrey Roloff's baby details

Audrey Roloff has already revealed that she is having a little girl. She is due any day now. Audrey and Jeremy Roloff just moved back to Portland to be close to the family.

They bought a house and are now near the family, which is perfect for them. They are going to be able to be seen more on "Little People, Big World" too now that they are always around where the cameras are filming. Jeremy and Audrey spent a lot of time getting their house ready for the baby. They actually did a lot of renovations to the home while Audrey was pregnant.

Are you shocked to hear that Amy Roloff decided to leave town at the same time as Audrey was due to have her baby? Do you think that they are having issues? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of "Little People, Big World" on TLC when it returns. Maybe they will explain why Audrey's mother-in-law decided that it was time to go on vacation so due to her due date.