Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are set to have the gender reveal party on the next episode of "Little People, Big World." The couple is accused by fans of stealing the attention from the newborn baby of Zack and Tori Roloff, Jackson Kyle. The baby's arrival has brought so much happiness to the couple. However, they revealed lately that their latest blessing is a "Little People" too.

Baby Jackson has dwarfism

Zack and Tori Roloff welcomed baby Jackson last May 14. The "Little People, Big World" couple, knew on the 34th-week ultrasound that their baby would have Achondroplasia.

It is one of the most common forms of Dwarfism similar to that of his father.

The couple has informed their respective families about Jackson's condition. However, it was later that they discussed it in front of the camera. They already accepted the reality even during the first trimester of pregnancy that there is a 50 percent chance that Zack would pass its genes to Jackson.

Zack and Tori knew that parenting a child with dwarfism would be a big challenge for them, but they have actually adjusted so well. As new parents for a child with a special need, they know daily routines would be altered to accommodate their baby’s needs. Currently, the couple is feeding Jackson 11 times a day and only getting 4 hours of sleep.

While the new parents are sacrificing their time and sleep for Jackson, they understood that the baby needs the care, love, and attention from them. Babies with Dwarfism are prone to many health problems as experienced by Zach during his childhood.

Jeremy and Audrey

If fans of "Little People, Big World" are celebrating for the new parenting stage in the lives of Zack and Tori Roloff, they felt opposite to the news about the gender reveal party of Jeremy and Audrey Roloff.

Viewers of the TLC reality show are speculating that Jeremy and Audrey are jealous of the attention that the other Roloff couple is getting right now.

In a post on the official Facebook page of the show, some followers post their congratulatory messages to the mom-to-be and her husband for the good news about having a baby girl.

However, there are those who showed their dislike of the couple.

Some said they are fake and are just jealous of Zack and Tori. Other fans commented that Jeremy and Audrey are annoying. Even though they are bashed for being attention-hungry, the Roloffs are still excited that their first born children will grow up together.