Kristen Stewart is the latest victim of hacking when her private photos were leaked online. The actress has reached out to her lawyers to pursue legal action against websites that posted her images. The leaked images include heated romantic pictures between Stewart and her Victoria Secret's model girlfriend, Stella Maxwell. The couple's nude selfie was also released online.

Image leak condemned by victims

Actress Stewart's lawyer Scott Whitehead is trying to take down the photos from the internet. He has written letters to the websites that published said images since it is a violation of the copyright laws.

Apparently, those who will not remove the pictures will be facing charges.

Since the images were published without the permission of the stars. Stewart is determined to take down the unlicensed photos immediately.

The hack is reminiscent of the 2014 incident wherein nude images of Jennifer Lawrence were leaked. It is known as "The Fappening." More celebrities became victims of these attacks and they are taking legal action or reaching out to the police over the breach of privacy.

Aside from Stewart, celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Dakota Johnson and even former couple Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn were also victims of the hacking incident. It is still not clear if these celebrities will be suing the websites that published their photographs.

To recall, Amanda Seyfried and Lucy Hale were successful in removing their personal photos from websites by involving their attorneys. It is possible that actress Stewart's nude images too will also disappear from the web in no time.

Stewart talks about love life

While dealing with the hacking issue, Stewart also opened up about her love life.

She revealed that she was deeply in love with all her former flames. The "Personal Shopper" star said that she embraces her dual sexuality and is not ashamed about it.

She clarified that she is not confused about her personality and she isn't struggling too. But she admitted that she doesn't want to be made fun of. The star revealed that she was bullied during her childhood years because of her boyish actions.

She was even called a boy.

Although she had been dating women after her breakup with fellow "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson, Stewart said that she is also open to dating men. Comparing dating men to eating grilled cheese, the actress said she is open to trying everything.