Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are expecting their first child. The fans couldn't be happier for them, but everyone has been curious if their baby girl will be an LP or not. This means a little person. Jeremy's parents both are, but he is not. On this week's episode of "Little People, Big World" they explained if they could end up having a baby that it's an LP or not. They seem to have it figured out already.

What are the chances they will have an LP?

It turns out that Audrey and Jeremy Roloff probably won't be having a child that is a little person. There really isn't even a chance that this could happen.

Jeremy carries the gene, but it is recessive. Audrey would also have to carry the gene for this to end up happening. She doesn't know of any dwarfism in her family at all. Audrey explained that their doctor told them that it is nearly impossible this could end up happening. Now, Zach has a lot bigger chance of this happening with his child.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have shared that they are having a little girl and she is due in September. Jeremy was hoping for twins, but when they went in for the ultrasound they found out that it was just one baby. His brother Zach and his wife Tori just had their baby boy recently. They named their son Jackson Kyle Roloff. Little Jackson weighed in at 9 lbs., 1 oz., and 20.5 inches long.

This is a big baby boy, and the Roloff's couldn't be more excited about it.

How things have changed for the Roloff family

Things have changed a lot for the Roloff family over the last few years. Matt and Amy Roloff decided to get a divorce and move on from each other. They are both dating new people that are actually showing up on the reality show as well.

The family had a hard time accepting all of this at first, but now they seem to be moving on just fine.

Now Zach and Jeremy both have children of their own as well. Jeremy's will be born soon, and Zach just had his son. Now that Matt and Amy Roloff are grandparents they are going to be busy and also spending a lot of time together to be around the baby, but somehow they have been able to make it work so far.

Are you shocked to hear that Jeremy and Audrey Roloff won't be having an LP? Do you think they will have several children? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Little People, Big World" on TLC. In the current season, both girls are still pregnant, but it won't be long before Roloff babies are on the screen and everyone is going to love that for sure.